Stone of Wonder & Glory : Shazar


The Variety, quality, and singularity is such that no two stones are identical. Once you own a piece it becomes RARE. Shazar is mentioned in the holy book BIBLE & QURAN, as a HEALING STONE. It has been known to cure ailments like blood pressure, depression, and many more critical diseases. It also protects it’s user from negative energies as well. It can also be used for ornamental purposes like pendants, key- chains, rings, paperweights, pill boxes, sindoordani, bracelet, etc.


One look at it and it will surely capture your imagination. No wonder pendants, key-chains, bracelets, paper weights, tie pins, broaches and now even window panes all craved out with beautiful natural designs etched into the stone are a must have for every foreign tourist visiting Uttar Pradesh. Because of its uniqueness, the stone was exported to foreign countries until the last few decades.

Meaning of Shazar

Shazar in Arabic means: trees, plants. In Urdu, it is called Haqiq and in Hindi it is Sphatic. In English, Shazar is known as Dendritic Agate. It is a homogenous stone and is found in different patterns and colors.


International Language Names

  • Persian: شازار

  • Arabic: شازار الحجر

  • Japanese: 射座r 石

  • Hindi: शजर का पथ्थर

  • Urdu: پتھر شذ

  • English: Dendritic Agate


Formation of Shazar Stone

A nature’s gift to mankind this Stone is a geological wonder with very high and gemological value. At the volcanic age of earth when everything was in liquid and semisolid form, the liquid minerals (mostly Manganese and Iron) got deposited within the layers of silicon oxide (Agate) in such a way that they created several patterns like shrubs, trees animals & scenic beauty giving it uniqueness. Geologically it is of Quartz stone family in the category of agate with the hardness of seven on Moh’s scale near to sapphire. Though it is categorized as a semi-precious stone but all the three qualities of precious stone are found in it which is rare, stable & graceful. There are myths about this stone that it gives strength, mental ounce and peace to its user. Even Almighty is also pleased. It is revered as a holy stone by Islamic communities. These incredible stones are a type of Indian dendritic agate known as  Shazar Stone . Like landscape jasper, each unique stone displays a miniature image that seems plucked right out of nature.

Method of making Shazar Stone

There is a natural process behind the formation of images within Shazar stone. The patterns we see in the Shazar are entrapped fossils of fungus (basically, algae). When entrapped between two or more pieces of Shazar stone, the fungus produces either an acid or base secretion, which makes the stone translucent and acts as inorganic glue that fuses separate stones into one. The fungus fossil inside the stone looks like patterns of leaves or trees and adds to its beauty.

It is crafted in a very old traditional fashion with a woken bow and a thin steel wire as string called "KAMAN". Stones are mounted over a wooden stone called " KHUNTA and sliced by this bow with the help of silicon carbide powder in 2 to 4 mm. thickness These stone slices are then designed, trimmed shaped and polished with utmost care and precision as the depositions are in micron thickness only.

We travel directly to the nature’s beauty and carefully select each stone. To us, each stone is like a photo capturing moment as it’s easy to get engrossed in these little landscapes, imaging stories that have taken place in them. We hope you appreciate their beauty as much as we do!

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