Stone of Wonder & Glory : Shazar


The Variety, quality, and singularity is such that no two stones are identical. Once you own a piece it becomes RARE. Shazar is mentioned in the holy book BIBLE & QURAN, as a HEALING STONE. It has been known to cure ailments like blood pressure, depression, and many more critical diseases. It also protects it’s user from negative energies as well. It can also be used for ornamental purposes like pendants, key- chains, rings, paperweights, pill boxes, sindoordani, bracelet, etc.


One look at it and it will surely capture your imagination. No wonder pendants, key-chains, bracelets, paper weights, tie pins, broaches and now even window panes all craved out with beautiful natural designs etched into the stone are a must have for every foreign tourist visiting Uttar Pradesh. Because of its uniqueness, the stone was exported to foreign countries until the last few de

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